101 in 1001 Goals Start Of December Update

This is latest round up of 101 In 1001 goals what has been completed, started and due to be started.

These Are Goals completed so far###

Currently Started###

  • Using the slow cooker twice a month for four months. - In October used twice now one to try Chilli Con Carne and other to do a non-orange version of Self-Saucing Chocolate Orange Pudding from Baking Queen website. In November/December I used it couple of times as well which one of them was a repeat of the Self-Saucing Chocolate Orange Pudding.

  • I am currently writing publication calendar as this links to a number of other writing related goals.

  • Also the other day meet up with some old colleagues as part of making sure that I meetup with someone at least once every two months.

Due To Start###

  • I am not sure yet but think will focus on logging via MyFitnessPal, dashboard and my productivity stream for December.