101 in 1001 Goals Mid October Update

This is latest round up of 101 In 1001 goals what has been completed, started and due to be started.

These Are Goals completed so far###

  • Finish Writing 101 In 1001 Goals - This one was a bit of quick win but did want to make sure that got 10. goals listed.

  • Subscribe To Monthly Crate Service - I subscribed and got my first crate from Infinity Crates. What I liked about this service was you enter list of geek related games, TV and movies you like and they try and customise the box contents based on the list.

  • Attend A Geek Event - This one was done quite quickly as a family as on the 12th September we went to the local stream train heritage line that was holding a Sci-Fi weekend. It was enjoyed by all with lots of photo opportunities for the family. -

  • Go over Goals Add Tags & Frequency Tag - Again another quick win as organised the goals to make thing bit easier to manage and display on the website.

  • Private Goal 9 - This goal is completed but currently has to remain secret until I am allowed to discuss it publicly in the next few weeks.

Currently Started###

  • Using the slow cooker twice a month for four months. - In October used twice now one to try Chilli Con Carne and other to do a non-orange version of Self-Saucing Chocolate Orange Pudding from Baking Queen website.

Due To Start###

  • I am going to look at writing publication calendar as this links to a number of other writing related goals.